Oriental & Area Rugs

We take care when cleaning your rugs….

Wall to wall carpeting and oriental rugs are not the same thing! We understand that whether your rugs are natural or synthetic, they are often important investments and do require special treatment. That’s why we institute a different method for cleaning them in our shop rather than in your home.

The “wash pit” method of cleaning oriental rugs is the preferred method for highly trained professionaloriental rug cleaning cleaners, and Master Clean is one of the few companies to utilize this technique in Kentucky. The process begins by dusting the rug to remove much of the grit and dirt that accumulates in your rug over time. Performing the dusting while the rug is wet or worse, skipping this process greatly decreases the overall effectiveness of the cleaning. From there, your rug is tested to determine color fastness, and if needed, a color stabilizer is applied to ensure the colors don’t run. Next, your rug is carefully submerged in the “bath” to ensure that it is thoroughly saturated. Specifically tailored cleaning agents are gently brushed into the rug while fresh water is constantly added and contaminated water is removed. Fringe work and proper drying complete the process, and your rugs are wrapped in plastic to ensure they remain clean until delivery. We also offer guaranteed odor removal and rug protector. The entire process generally takes one to two weeks. We offer pick-up and delivery service or you can bring your rugs to us and receive a 20% Cash & Carry Incentive.

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All services are backed by our Master Clean 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Notify us of any concern, and we will gladly re-clean your area rug at no charge. If for some reason you are still not completely satisfied, your money will be completely refunded.