Urine & Odor

Pet Urine Removal

• Pet urine can cause permanent damage to floors & fabrics
• It creates an unhealthy indoor environment
• It is easiest to remove when fresh because it is acidic
• Overtime the pH becomes alkaline & harder to remove
• Pet urine creates a breeding ground for damaging bacteria which begin growing almost immediately
• If not removed, urine oxidizes carpet causing permanent color change and damaging dye structure
• Even if soluble urine deposits are removed, stains may remain from ammonia, bacteria, & oxidizing

NOTE: Chemical Odors from Urine Salts: Chemical odors can be present even when the bacteria have been killed, which is why just sanitizing will not neutralize odors from urine. Urine also presents additional odor problems when the relative humidity is high. The salts and crystals that are left behind as the urine dries are hydrophilic and draw water to them. Dried urine is often easy to smell in the humid months because the salts attract the moisture, the moisture evaporates putting out a greater proportion of odorous ammonia gas. You must get rid of the urine salts in and under the carpet to get rid of the odor. That’s why cleaning existing urine spots WILL NOT remove any associated odor. In fact, it could INCREASE the odor in the air space for a temporary period of time.

urine and odor removal Offensive Odor Removal

  • Empty Apartments
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Musty, Mold & Mildew
  • Skunk
  • Smoke & Soot


An Environmentally safe way to remove odors…

The Odorox Hydroxyl Generator is a complete odor elimination, air decontamination and purification system that uses a two part treatment process. The first part directs contaminated air through a sanitizing chamber and deodorizes the air while the second part destroys bacteria and other micro-organisms, preventing them from multiplying. Hydroxyls (-OH) are naturally occurring elements in our atmosphere and are considered the single most important cleansing agent in our environment. They are 33% more effective at oxidizing pollutants in the air than ozone, and 2.5 times more germicidal and fungicidal than chlorine. Unlike the use of ozone machines, Hydroxyls are not hazardous to people or pets, they generate no accumulative ozone and use no harsh chemicals. The use of hydroxyls allows you to deodorize in an occupied space, without the need of evacuation or ventilation thereby reducing Additional Living Expenses (motels, etc.) With adequate airflow, there are virtually no odors that the hydroxyl system cannot safely and effectively eliminate.

Additional Odor Protection

When adequate airflow isn’t available, Master Clean also offers thermal fogging services. This can be used in conjunction with the Hydroxyl Generator as a final step to ensure we’ve deodorized hard to reach areas like cabinets, wall cavities and attics spaces. The scented, heated oil produces a smoke like fog that is able to penetrate and neutralize odors caused by fire, soot, smoke, and urine.